• Complete real-time PCR kit®.
  • Master mix for real-time PCR amplification.
  • Complete Master mix®.
  • Positive control ‘Ca. Liberibacter solanacearum’ immobilized on paper.
  • Healthy plant control immobilized on paper.


  • Enrichment DASI-ELISA® complete kit based on the specific monoclonal antibody 4G4-IVIA.
  • Specific monoclonal antibody 4G4-IVIA against P. atrosepticum.
  • Immunofluorescence (specific monoclonal antibody 4G4-IVIA and anti-mouse FITC-conjugate).


  • Real-time RT-PCR kit®for direct screening of PSTVd.
  • Positive PSTVd control for real-time RT-PCR immobilized on paper.


  • MagicDAS-ELISA kit®(based on PVX-specific monoclonal antibody 3CB9/INGENASA).


  • MagicDAS-ELISA kit®(based on PVY-specific monoclonal antibodies 1E10+10E3/INGENASA).


  • Enrichment DASI-ELISA®complete kit based on specific 8B-IVIA monoclonal antibodies.
  • Indirect Immunofluorescence (polyclonal antibodies 1546-H/IVIA and anti-rabbit FITC-conjugated).



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