Services and special formats

Plant Print Diagnòstics S.L. is a company specialized in diagnosis and detection by advanced serological and molecular methods.

Our available “Services” can be summarized as follow:

• Diagnosis and Detection Service: Our expertise is mainly focused on diagnosis and detection of bacteria, viruses and viroids in woody plant species and in potato. Nevertheless, we can consider any proposal related to the determination of the sanitary status, including total screening of viruses, viroids and phytoplasmas in any crop. The company offers international diagnostic services based on pre-printed samples immobilized on membranes. Please, contact the company for any proposal.

• Nursery services: For citrus nurseries: We reveal already tissue-printed membranes for CTV detection and we directly analyze citrus nursery plants performing “Rapid screening of CTV, HLB, Spiroplasma citri and citrus viroids” and “Complete and rapid screening of viruses and viroids in nursery mother plants”. For prunus nurseries: The company offer “Rapid screening of Sharka/PPV and the Peach latent mosaic viroid”, “Complete screening of viruses, viroids, phytoplasmas and bacteria” is also available.

• Consultancy: The company offers international consultancies for control and management of diseases in nurseries and commercial plantations.

• Laboratory projects and designs: The company is specialized in laboratory design and projects including the basic facilities for molecular detection. The company offers consultancy for complete diagnostic laboratories including materials and equipment. Contact us, we will work quickly to offer our best quotation based on your interests.

• Special formats and bulk purchasing: Special kits, formats and bulk purchasing: please, contact us for any other format or amount of reagents you require. We can prepare and offer special kit formats for large number of samples, as well as additional components. Bulk purchasing can cost you less for the same quality. A discount on price is available when ordering 10 or more units of the same or different Plant Print products.